History & The Paranormal

Even though he passed away millennia ago, this old Egyptian king was rumored to have unleashed a deadly curse upon his grave’s discoverers.

The King’s mask. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tutankhamun#/media/File:CairoEgMuseumTaaMaskMostlyPhotographed.jpg

Everybody knows about the ancient Egyptian pharaoh who took the throne as a young child under ten years of age.

His tomb is regarded as well-preserved and one of the only ones that weren’t plundered by thieves centuries later, but robbed months after his burial and subsequently restored.

The Rediscovery

November 1922…


Learn about the psychology behind language and how to save your relationship on time.

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash

Many signs of an ending relationship occur within the last weeks when it’s all too late. However, the increased usage of one word occurs early enough to give you time to salvage it, so save your relationship before it’s too late!

The usual signs of a doomed relationship and why they’re unreliable

These are the three most common signs of a…

True Crime & Mysteries

One of the greatest mysteries of aviation history still remains to this day and there is barely any evidence.

In 1971, a middle-aged man hijacked a Northwest Airlines flight en route for Seattle, Washington. The man identified himself as Dan Cooper and after extorting $200,000, he parachuted from the aircraft, never to be seen again.

The Hijacking

November 24, 1971. A man with a briefcase walks into Portland International Airport and uses cash to purchase a one-way ticket to Seattle, Washington. He identifies himself as Dan Cooper and soon boards Northwest Airlines Flight 305 along with 36 other passengers and 6 crew members.

Onboard, Cooper picks a…


We all know that meeting our partner’s family can make or break a relationship.

Image by Tú Anh on Pixabay

Especially when things get truly serious, a good relationship with your partner’s family is almost as crucial as the relationship with themselves. So here’s what fleeing from my boyfriend’s house the morning after made me realize about that fabled moment.

Our Background Story

My boyfriend and I got together on Valentine’s Day of…


On average, 250 babies are being born every minute. 72 of those are born in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region that can hardly sustain itself. Droughts that lead to failed harvests and other pressing issues prevent the population from being able to survive without hunger and illnesses. According to the United…

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